Hypnosis Works!

Trance Forming The Mind

Use the power of suggestion to make lasting changes in your subconscious mind.


Sessions are conducted in-person at Protea Ranch in Centurion or we can do online sessions via Zoom.

“The phrase I hear most often in my hypnotherpay practice is: ‘Why haven’t I done this sooner?’ Hypnosis is a powerful and safe modality that can bring dramatic and lasting benefits. Allow me to facilitate your internal change using the power of our own subconscious mind. “

Hendrik Baird

Stop Smoking

In one session you can replace the bad smoking habit with healthier alternatives that will give you even better benefits that smoking provided in the past. Become a natural non-smoker with my proven method.


There are a great many issues and problems that you can successfully overcome with a series of hypnotherapy sessions. Beat anxiety, stress, depression, procrastination, fear and phobias, and many other problems with hypnotherapy.


I have completed a habits and addiction hypnotherapy mastery course. Addicted clients now benefit from specialised insights and advanced hypnotherapy techniques as we journey towards recovery. I also assist families and affected parties.

Hendrik Baird, CHT

Certified Non-Medical Hypnotherapist.

The Hypnosis Works! practice opened in 2011. Using advanced hypnosis techniques in a therapeutic way, clients are assisted and guided to make improvements in their lives, using the power of suggestion. Personal issues and problems can be solved once you access the power of your own subconscious mind and so bring about the change you desire from within yourself.

Hypnosis is a safe, effective and relatively quick way to obtain the solutions you require. Tap into my expertise and experience that has been built up of the past 10+ years and start making positive changes in your life.

Reach Out When You Need Help

What People Say


Thanks to Hendrik’s hypnotherapy, I’m now smoke-free for three months. I feel no urge to smoke at social gatherings or when I feel stressed or sad. I truly believe Hypnotherapy has helped me free myself from the addiction and the shame I felt from smoking.

No More Fear Of Flying

Arrived safely in Edinburgh and happy to say the flight went very well! Felt very relaxed and even managed to rest/sleep through the turbulence! Thank you so much for all your help.

Getting A Lot More Done

Just letting you know what a big improvement the hypnosis has made on my concentration. I do find myself slipping into the old habit now and again but it takes a few seconds to snap out of it which I was never ever able to do before. I am getting a lot more work done than I ever expected.

Courage To Speak Up

Thank you so much for helping me to put my life back together, I finally and enough courage to speak up and tell my husband that I had enough of everything that was going wrong.

Grootste Geskenk

Ek wil net weereens baie baie dankie sê vir die geleentheid wat ek gehad het om Hipnose vir die eerste keer te kon ervaar, resultate uit die sessies te kon kry, en geleer het hoe om werklik diep te kan ontspan.

Ek wil jou komplimenteer dat jy uiters professioneel opgetree het en vertroue ingeboesem het as terapeut. Die aanleer van hierdie vaardighede was die grootste geskenk wat mens jouself ooit kan gee.

Sleeping Well

I’m sleeping so well that I’ve had to move my bed time from 21:30 to 20:30 or sometimes even 20:00 – which is WONDERFUL! I sleep right through, only waking to use the bathroom, and then drifting off quickly again. No more anxiety over sleeping, lack of sleep or needing more sleep.

Good Experience

The whole experience was good and certainly helped me get to the core issue. All in all your work was a tremendous success. Thank you for accommodating me so late.

Miracle Worker

You are a fabulous miracle worker! Thank you for helping me to gain some semblance of control over something that is actually so simple. I will definitely be back when my timing belt and spark plugs need changing.

Still Going Strong

Now that this year is drawing to a close, I just wanted to thank you once again for assisting me to become a non-smoker. Still going strong 3 months later.

Dit Werk Genuine!

Ek het alles probeer. Ten duurste. Niks. Draai toe op so 30 Chesterfields per dag. Toe ontmoet ek Hendrik Baird. Uur sessie, nooit weer gerook nie. Niks. Zip. Geen onttrekkingsimtome. Geen cravings. Geen aggressie. Net….niks! So, as jy wil ophou rook en reg is om op te hou rook en genuine gatvol is om soos n vrot ou vadoek te ruik, soek die man op die web. Hy leef nog. Hy is nog in SA!!! Dit werk.

Life Changed Dramatically

I was at a dinner party last night when it occurred to me that I my life has changed so dramatically on account of my two visits to your office, but you probably don’t even know since I haven’t got around to telling you!can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Kan Nie Uitgepraat Raak

My kind (16 jaar oud) kan nie uitgepraat raak oor hoe hy vir die eerste keer in sy lewe so ontspanne en stress-free vol na sy sessie by jou nie.

Lost 15kg

I’ve now lost almost 15 kg now, and is still losing. Only 3.5 kg from my goal weight, and I feel really awesome.

Successfully Stopped Smoking

I had a session with you just over a year ago to guide/assist me with my stop smoking attempt. Initially, it was extremely difficult and I honestly thought that I had wasted your and my time. Constantly reminding myself of the important things that you taught me and opened my mind to on that day, is what helped me through the very difficult first days and weeks, maybe even months. I am very pleased to report, that since that day, I have managed to avoid that “first one” and have not had a single cigarette since.

My Approach 

Academic research into hypnosis is proving that it is an incredible modality that, when used intelligently and specifically, can be used to achieve positive personal change for a great number of issues and problems.

At Hypnosis Works! every client is treated as a unique individual and the methods used are adapted to the needs of that client.

Regular assessements are done to measure the progress made during the sessions and the hypnotherapy plan is fine-tuned accordingly. The ultimate aim is to address specific client needs as they arise.

A client that is empowered with the tools they need to not only make the changes they desire, but also to ensure that the changes are permanent, is a client that will benefit the most from the sessions.

Sessions are conducted in-person at Protea Ranch, Centurion, or via Zoom.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are still many misconceptions about hypnosis. These are the questions that get asked the most.

How much does it cost?

Hypnotherapy sessions are R 950 each. Fees are payable strictly in advance to secure an appointmet. No refunds will be given. If you cannot attend a session for any reason, give me at least 24 hours notice for the session to be rescheduled. This is a non-medical service not covered by medical aids.

Is hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis is perfectly safe. It is a state of deep relaxation when your subconscious mind is open and receptive to suggestions. It is a skill you will learn and the more you do it, the better you will get at it. Rest assured that you cannot “get stuck” in hypnosis. I am an expert and will guide you through the whole process.

Will I have to cluck like a chicken?

Hypnosis can be used for entertainment purposes and you probably have some skewed ideas of what hypnosis is due to how it is portrayed on stage shows. We will be using hypnosis as a therapy method, so you will not be required to make a spectacle of yourself.

How many sessions will I need?

You will need at least three sessions. Some issues are complex and may require up to eight sessions. People who are addicted may need up to two years of hypnotherapy for their brains to heal before they are free from their addictions. The number of sessions therefore depend on the problem. We will discuss it in more detail in the first session.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Most people are able to enter the trance state without any problems. People who are mentally handicapped will find it difficult to concentrate and are not good hypnotic subjects. Some people are highly suggestible, while others take more time to accept suggestions. We will explore this in more detail during our first session together.

Do you give any guarantees?

I can only guarantee that I will do my best. You have to accept the suggestions I make and start to act on them. Only your level of commitment to the process of change can guarantee the results you are looking for.

Ask A Question

If you’re unsure if hypnosis will work for you, contact me so we can briefly discuss the problem and the solutions you desire. Give me a call on my cell or send an email.

Book A Session

When you are ready to make the changes you desire, book an in-person session at Protea Ranch in Centurion or we can meet on Zoom. All sessions are payable in advance.

Attend 1st Session

Your first session will be 90 min in duration and we will talk about hypnosis, your problem and the solutions, and I will guide you into the trance state.

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