There are many children’s problems that hypnosis can help with. And the great thing is that children are usually excellent hypnotic subjects. They have such wonderful imaginations that you can induce the hypnotic state easily and rapidly by getting them, for example, to imagine taking off in a space craft or taking part in their favourite television program or video game.

A surprisingly large percentage of childhood complaints are the result of unresolved emotional issues. Many children are anxiety-ridden, lack confidence and are dependent on one or both of their parents to an extreme degree.

Children are great candidates for hypnosis because they don’t have the years of conditioning and resistance which adults have. Because they are used to learning they are often more receptive to trying something new, such as hypnosis. Children are not as prone to question the process. These things make it very easy for a hypnotist to work with them.

Hypnosis can be effective for a large variety of problems, issues and disorders in children. Common ones include learning problems, academic performance, anxiety, bedwetting, self-esteem issues, homework struggles, thumb sucking, and fear of the dark. Also, coping with a traumatic event such as the death of parent or dealing with parents who are divorcing are challenges, which can be helped with hypnosis. Children who struggle with frequent nightmares may benefit from hypnosis too. Hypnosis can also help children feel less anxious when facing a serious medical procedure such as surgery.

Please note that I only work with children age 10 and older. Make an appointment here.