The only place an emotion can ever hurt you is when it’s trapped inside of you. Everyone knows that bottled-up emotions are bad for you but few people understand just how bad it is or why it’s so bad. Because there is a body mind connection, if a painful emotion has been eating away at a person’s mind for long enough, it will eventually start showing up in the body, sometimes in the form of a chronic illness.

Treating the symptoms of a chronic illness will not remove the illness. The symptom is not the illness; the symptom is merely the sub-conscious mind’s method of bringing the problem to the conscious minds attention in a similar fashion to feeling pain when we slam our fingers in the door. When the symptom is treated it may disappear for a while and then reappear, or may show up again as a different symptom. To remove the illness, the true and real cause needs to be identified and resolved.

Using hypnosis it’s possible to identify the emotional cause of the illness, and then to resolve the cause and as such let the illness go. It is also possible to reduce some of the side effects of some chronic illnesses, such as relieving pain.

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