A phobia is a fear. Fear is an emotion. Emotions are sub-conscious.

Hypnosis is the most effective method to treat sub-conscious conditions. The mind is made up of two distinct parts; the conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind. These two parts of the mind have different functions. The conscious mind is the rational, discerning portion of the mind and the sub-conscious portion is the emotional, protective mind. The protective portion of the mind will protect us against everything, real or imagined.

If the sub-conscious mind perceives a threat while it is experiencing a particular experience it may begin to identify any similar experience as a threat. In this way certain experiences are identified as “triggers” by the sub-conscious mind. Whenever a person is in a situation that reminds the person of the original fear felt in the original situation, they begin to feel the fear again which is labelled as a phobia.

Using hypnosis, it’s possible to firstly remove the original fear and then to rapidly retrain the sub-conscious mind to no longer perceive specific situations as a threat and effectively remove the phobia.