Are you tired of being overweight? Ready to make a lifestyle change that might result in long-term weight reduction?

The sessions are shaped and individualised to suit you and your needs. Weight gain in a person is almost always an subconscious need for security or a need for protection. Until this subconscious need is resolved, no weight loss method will keep the weight off. We all know diets rarely work in the long run, perhaps what you need is a change in the way you think. There are two approaches when dealing with issues of weight reduction. Decide which one will suit you best.

The task you are undertaking is not easy. It is time-consuming, it will tak a huge effort on your pat and will involve taking life changing decisions, but you are worth the effort!

How It Works

There are two ways in which we can work. If it is just a few kilos that you need to reduce, you can follow the four session approach. If you need to reduce more than 10 kg, I suggest a more comprehensive approach.

Four session approach

Session 1: Intake interview, discussion of hypnosis, direct suggestion for weight reduction.
Session 2: Discover the subconscious reason for the weight.
Session 3: Learn Self Hypnosis.
Session 4: Session based on specific needs of the client as discussed during preceding sessions.
More sessions may be required depending on your results.
The first session is usually 2 hours in duration, thereafter sessions may be between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on what we deal with and the process used.

Eight session approach

Session 1: Intake Interview and Introduction to the Program.
Session 2: Reframing Compulsive Eating.
Session 3: Training in Self-Hypnosis.
Session 4: Stopping Emotional Eating with Stress Management.
After Session 4 you have to reduce your weight by at least two kilograms in order to get the next session, and so on for the next four sessions.
Session 5: Making Sensible Food Choices.
Session 6: Creating an Intelligent Relationship with Food.
Session 7: Boosting Motivation to Exercise.
Session 8: Pulling It All Together for Lasting Results.
After session 8, you may want to return for additional follow-up sessions to work through any other issues that may be interfering with the success you seek.

You also need to do the following

1. Undergo a medical examination with your medical practitioner to ensure there are no medical reasons for the weight. This is required before you start the program.
2. You need to select a nutrition plan approved or recommended by a physician, nurse, or nutritionist. While you are in the program, be sure to stick with your nutrition plan diligently, weigh yourself regularly to keep track of your progress and follow any guidelines established by your physician.
3. Get adequate rest. Drink lots of water.
4. Choose an exercise plan to implement as soon as possible.

Please Note

The program will be modified to suit a client’s specific needs.
You may choose to do more sessions should you require it. Remember that everybody will progress at their own speed and pace and results may vary.
No two people are alike and everybody has their own specific needs. I cannot offer you any guarantees, except to say that if you follow my suggestions and work hard, you may start noticing some results which, if persistently continued over time, may lead to your goal.