Meet Hendrik Baird

Hendrik Baird is a multi-talented man with more than thirty years experience in the arts and entertainment industry and more than ten years as a Hypnotherapist.

Hendrik Baird in relaxed mood at the beach

Hendrik started studying hypnotherapy and at the end of 2010 qualified as a non-medical Hypnotherapist through the South African Institute of Hypnotism. He moved back to Pretoria and opened a full-time Hypnotherapy practice, specialising in smoking cessation.

Apart from one-on-one sessions with clients, Hendrik has also done many group hypnosis sessions during corporate wellness days, as well as presenting self-hypnosis workshops.

Becoming a certified Parts Therapy Facilitator with Roy Hunter.

Henrik is also back in the hypnosis business, having adapted to the challenges of Covid-19. He has started a podcast channel dedicated to Hypnotherapy and regularly writes articles about the topic.

Hendrik is also part of the team that bring specialised hypnosis training to hypnotherapists in the for of Hypnosis Masterclasses.

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