Rates for Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnotherapy Session

Hypnotherapy Sessions are usually around 90 minutes in duration. The first session might be slightly longer.

First session ZAR 1200 / USD 95 – Follow-up sessions ZAR 950 / USD 75

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

The Stop Smoking Session is 2 hours in duration.

You will need to prepare yourself for at least a week before the session using the homework given to you. This includes up to 3 free follow-up sessions in the 3 months after the session, should it be necessary. Terms and Conditions Apply.

One session – ZAR 1500 / USD 120 (Free three follow up sessions in three months after this session if required)

Pensioner/Child Hypnotherapy

Sessions are usually between 60 – 90 min in duration.

First session ZAR 950 / USD 75 – Follow-up sessions ZAR R 750 / USD 60

Hypnosis Recordings

Recordings to address specific issues are available to cover a range of issues. Please email for details.

ZAR 650 / USD 50

Group Hypnosis

For Group Hypnosis Sessions and Corporate Hypnosis, please Contact Me for a quote. You will also see the rates for planned sessions on the Hypnosis Works Facebook Page.

All fees are strictly payable in advance. No session will commence without payment having been made. No accounts.

South African Clients: Click on the logo to pay with Yoco.
International Clients: Click the Logo to Pay with PayPal

  • The session fee is payable in full in advance within 48 hours of making the appointment in order to secure the session..
  • A session will not start until payment has been received.
  • There is a 48-hour cancellation policy. If cancellations are made without the required notice, the person making the booking will be responsible for full payment and costs of the appointment.
  • No refunds will be given. Provided you have given the required notice, you can arrange for another appointment time if you are unable to keep th appointment due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Please read the full Terms and Conditions.