What Clients Say

I have been honoured to work with hundreds of people. Here is some of the feedback I have received.

Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on adherence to the program and suggestions made.

You Changed my Life

I struggled for 15 years to quit smoking for good. Sometimes times I’d use patches or books, or apps to help me manage the process. During pregnancy, I just did it cold turkey and stayed smoke-free for nine months, no worries. The problem always came when I’d have a drink, or be at a party where other people are smoking. I always felt the smokers were having more fun than I was. Apart from the nicotine addiction, I realised that for me, smoking was an emotional and social crutch.

Thanks to Hendrik’s hypnotherapy, I’m now smoke-free for three months. I feel no urge to smoke at social gatherings or when I feel stressed or sad. I truly believe Hypnotherapy has helped me free myself from the addiction and the shame I felt from smoking.

Thank you, Hendrik. You have changed my life!

A. (Feb 2021)

Positiewe Ervaring

Dankie vir die e-pos en die ingeslote opname vorm.
Die self hipnose sessie was vir my ‘n positiewe en aangename ervaring.”

Depressie in die Verlede

“Hi Hendrik, Wil net weereens vir jou baie dankie sê vir die 3 awesome sessies. Ek vorder fluks en die resultate is verstommend! Depressie is nou iets van die verlede, angsaanvalle is weg, ek voel ‘n ander mens. Ek het soveel meer selfvertroue, is baie meer positief en voel nie meer so verward en onseker nie. Ek hanteer dinge anders, benader dinge anders en doen dinge anders. Ek sal jou verseker aanbeveel vir almal wat in die selfde situasie as ek is. Weereens baie dankie vir al jou hulp!”

Fear of Flying

“Hi Hendrik, Arrived safely in Edinburgh and happy to say the flight went very well! Felt very relaxed and even managed to rest/sleep through the turbulence! Thank you so much for all your help.”

Getting Lot More Done

“Just letting you know what a big improvement the hypnosis has made on my concentration. I do find myself slipping into the old habit now and again but it takes a few seconds to snap out of it which I was never ever able to do before. I am getting a lot more work done than I ever expected. Thank you very much for helping me.”

Courage to Speak Up

“Thank you so much for helping me to put my life back together, I finally and enough courage to speak up and tell my husband that I had enough of everything that was going wrong.”

Sleeping So Well

“Hi Hendrik I thought I would let you know that things are going wonderful since I saw you last week. I’m sleeping so well that I’ve had to move my bed time from 21:30 to 20:30 or sometimes even 20:00 – which is WONDERFUL! I sleep right through, only waking to use the bathroom, and then drifting off quickly again. I had a bit of trouble on Sunday but then I relaxed myself, took a few deep breaths and said the word “calm” quietly to myself and boom, fast asleep. No more anxiety over sleeping, lack of sleep or needing more sleep. You are a fabulous miracle worker! Thank you for helping me to gain some semblance of control over something that is actually so simple. I will definitely be back when my timing belt and spark plugs need changing. Thank you so much, T.”

Die Grootste Geskenk

Goeiemore Hendrik,

Ek wil net weereens baie baie dankie sê vir die geleentheid wat ek gehad het om Hipnose vir die eerste keer te kon ervaar, resultate uit die sessies te kon kry, en geleer het hoe om werklik diep te kan ontspan.

Ek was baie baie bekommerd dat ek nie ‘n totale vreemdeling, nogal ‘n manlike persoon, as hipnotiseur genoeg gaan vertrou om in hipnose in te gaan nie. Dit was moeilik vanuit my verwysingsraamwerk af, maar ek wil jou komplimenteer dat jy uiters professioneel opgetree het, en vertroue ingeboesem het as terapeut. Die aanleer van hierdie vaardighede was die grootste geskenk wat mens jouself ooit kan gee. Ek vertel almal wat ek ken van die positiewe ondervinding met hipnose. Baie dankie nogmaals.

M. S., Thabazimbi

Dit Werk. Genuine.

Ek het alles probeer. Ten duurste. Niks. Draai toe op so 30 Chesterfields per dag. Toe ontmoet ek ‘n hipnotiseur. Hendrik Baird, as ek sy naam mag noem. Uur sessie, nooit weer gerook nie. Niks. Zip. Geen onttrekkingsimtome. Geen cravings. Geen aggressie. Net….niks! So, as jy wil ophou rook en reg is om op te hou rook en genuine gatvol is om soos n vrot ou vadoek te ruik, soek die man op die web. Hy leef nog. Hy is nog in SA!!! Dit werk. Genuine. S.S.

Kan Nie Uitgepraat Raak

My kind (16 jaar oud) kan nie uitgepraat raak oor hoe hy vir die eerste keer in sy lewe so ontspanne en stress-free vol na sy sessie by jou nie. Baie dankie! M.C.

Still Going Strong

“Now that this year is drawing to a close, I just wanted to thank you once again for assisting me to become a non-smoker. Still going strong 3 months later. Best wishes to you and yours this festive season.
God bless, GvN.”

Still Doing Well

“Its 7 days tomorrow, and I listen to your CD every night at 7pm. I’m loving my new life. I have also joined the local gym, and have been walking every night for 45 mins. No longer drink coffee or Tea at all. In fact I have cut out anything with Caffeine. I’m drinking about 10 glasses of Water per day. Eating natural fruits and taking Vit C every day. I’ve had a few times when I’ve craved, but nothing too serious. I’m taking each day by day, but will listen to your CD for as long as it takes. Thanks for helping me get my life back.”

Good Experience

“The whole experience was good and certainly helped me get to the core issue. All in all your work was a tremendous success. Thank you for accommodating me so late.”

Life Changed Dramatically

“I was at a dinner party last night when it occurred to me that I my life has changed so dramatically on account of my two visits to your office, but you probably don’t even know since I haven’t got around to telling you!”
Thank You!

Lost 15 kg

“I’ve now lost almost 15kg now, and is still losing.
Only 3.5kg from my goal weight, and I feel really awesome. “
Thank YouThank You!

Rugpyn Ligter

“Hallo Hendrik Ek wil net vir jou baie baie dankie sê vir jou hulp die ander oggend. Daardie sessie saam met jou het beslis gehelp. Ek gaan slaap elke aand met jou cd, en ek slaap heerlik. Die pyn in my rug is soveel ligter. Ek gebruik soms jou cd in die middag ook as ek te veel pyn het. Ek het ‘n vermoede dat ek net heeltemal te ‘high strung’ is, want sodra ek ontspan is daar onmiddellik verligting. Nogmaals baie dankie vir jou hulp. Dit beteken vir my so baie.”

Very Valuable Experience

Hi Hendrik,

Hope you are well.

Thought I would pop you a probably way overdue mail, to share with you where I currently find myself.

I had a session with you just over a year ago, not sure exactly what the date was, you may have that information on your records. The purpose of my visit was for you to guide / assist me with my stop smoking attempt. Initially, it was extremely difficult and I honestly thought that I had wasted your and my time. Constantly reminding myself of the important things that you taught me and opened my mind to on that day, is what helped me through the very difficult first days and weeks, maybe even months. I am very pleased to report, that since that day, I have managed to avoid that “first one” and have not had a single cigarette since.

I can distinctly remember riding home that day on my motorcycle, from your place in Villieria to my home in Centurion. I was in a total state of relaxation and it was a rather tricky ride home for me. Upon arriving at home, my Wife and two Sons were eager to hear what had happened, but I was so relaxed or possibly tired,  that I could not share the whole experience with them. It took sharing bit by bit over the following few days for me to share the entire experience with them.

I am so happy that I did what I did back then, I’m not sure who the credit for this success should go to, you or myself. What I do know is that what you did for me on that day was very valuable and it was an experience that will remain with me for a long, long time.  Thank you so much.

I wish you well. Best regards, R.L.